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Undercoverblackman gets ass kicked by Thug Report & Ghetto Bragging Right (Part I)

David Mills said: Alas, I am convinced that Nick Kasoff is perpetrating much darker mischief. Whereas I speculated that it was the creation of one race-baiting troll. And now I have a prime suspect: Nick Kasoff. Another race hoax exposed? Meet Nick Kasoff of Ferguson, Mo. (a suburb of St. Louis). He is a former […]

Undercoverblackman David Mills: Awards Better Than Activism

David Mills is an American author, journalist, and screenwriter and producer of television programs. He was an executive producer and writer of the HBO miniseries The Corner, for which he won two Emmy Awards, and the creator, executive producer, and writer of the NBC miniseries Kingpin. Simon then co-wrote and produced THE CORNER as a […]

Another (fake) Undercoverblackman

Another (fake) Undercoverblackman Background vocals Afrobella Bay Radical Black Kool Black Women, Blow the Trumpet! BoringBlackChick brotherkomrade Citizen Ojo Crosscut Saw daddyBstrong Ephphatha ExpatJane Harlem Writer HickTown Press Invisible Woman Kenji Jasper Kenn Bivins Light-skinned-ed Girl Moveable Feast Mrs. Grapevine Nappy Headed Pro New Black Woman Stuff Running ‘Round My Head Submariner Ta-Nehisi Coates tAnYeTTa […]

Undercoverblackman’s black America: Another “free” downlowd

Monday, July 14, 2008 A free Gene Harris download The late Gene Harris was a pianist who made swinging music for more than four decades. He cut a live album in London in 1996… but “Live in London” wasn’t released until three months ago. If you’re registered at the AllAboutJazz website (which is painless to […]