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“Whether they are active Nuwaubians, people drawn from other black supremacist cults like the Nation of Yahweh, or freelancers who have created an entirely new concept, the National Black Foot Soldiers Network has brought Dwight York’s apocalyptic hatred of whites into the 21st century. York, whose release isn’t scheduled until the 22nd century, would be proud,” Leah Nelson, Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)

The late David Mills, a popular blogger whose online handle was “Undercover Black Man,” identified the pattern of unique terms referenced by the NBFSN blogs and concluded they were a hoax perpetrated by someone trying to provoke whites into hating blacks. Mills, a former newspaper reporter and Emmy-winning writer for HBO’s “The Wire,” devoted substantial […]

Shitty Blaxploitation Fiction, Write 1st Ask Questions Later Pseudo Journalist UndercoverBlackMan AKA David Mills Dies Of Brain Aneurysm On April Fools Day, How Fitting: “The Undercoverblackman aka David Mills was a cancer to the cause of black justice. His “make white people feel good” writing style and stereotypical presentations of blacks in HBO series like “The Wire” and “Treme” certainly warrant reception of the commercial awards he received for them. All living for the cause of black justice can only hope his death is no April Fool.”

Hebrew Israelites speak on Patriotism and America Anti Black, Commercial Fiction Writer David Mills Black Liberation Theology VS Commercial Black Journalism: Ideas to progressively change the existence of black life VS for profit and/or popularity exposes: this is the difference between groups like the Hebrew Israelites and people writers like David Mills aka the undercoverblackman.