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Daily Archives: July 18th, 2008

3 Whites to Watch: Larry Elder, David Mills aka Undercoverblackman & Michelle Malkin

Radio talk show host and author Larry Elder, once a huge fan of Barak Obama for president, has changed his mind after learning that Obama participated in the Trinity United Church of Christ. Mr. Elder told viewers of the Fox News Channel on Tuesday morning March 18 that after he saw video tapes of Reverend […]

Another (fake) Undercoverblackman

Another (fake) Undercoverblackman Background vocals Afrobella Bay Radical Black Kool Black Women, Blow the Trumpet! BoringBlackChick brotherkomrade Citizen Ojo Crosscut Saw daddyBstrong Ephphatha ExpatJane Harlem Writer HickTown Press Invisible Woman Kenji Jasper Kenn Bivins Light-skinned-ed Girl Moveable Feast Mrs. Grapevine Nappy Headed Pro New Black Woman Stuff Running ‘Round My Head Submariner Ta-Nehisi Coates tAnYeTTa […]